hello, friends!

it's a beautiful summer day here in brooklyn, and i mean that. as i type this, the temperature is 88 degrees fahrenheit, whereas just a few days ago, i was wearing a wool coat! you won't hear me complain, though. my heart and soul are dancing for joy in the light and warmth after the long, dark winter. i think spring may be arriving next week, but until then, happy summer, everyone!

in this merry month of may, i am delighted to report that SHIVER will begin hitting the airwaves! gigantic thanks to my friends at HUDSON HARDING MUSIC for helping me make this new record available to the wonderful community of radio hosts who wholeheartedly embrace and support independent artists like me. i remain grateful to have come to know many of them personally during the course of my career, and remain an enthusiastic listener and supporter. like elvis costello said, "radio is the sound salvation!"

of course, if you'd like to listen to the whole album, all at once, whenever you want, you can always pick up a copy HERE or at a live show!

and speaking of live shows, i'll be hitting the road with NO FUSS AND FEATHERS for a southern swing in the carolinas may 11-13, then performing at a very special concert right here in brooklyn to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the wonderful FIRST ACOUSTICS concert series on may 19. so many wonderful artists will be performing at this concert, and proceeds will benefit CASA PUEBLO, an organization working on the ground in puerto rico to bring clean water and solar energy to the island in the wake of last season's hurricanes. if you're anywhere near brooklyn on may 19, i encourage you to attend. if you can't be there and wish to help, surf on over to the FIRST ACOUSTICS page and scroll down to the "donate" button.

as always, you can check the SHOWS page at for details and updates on all live performances.

stay beautiful, my friends, and hope to see you down the road sometime sooner rather than later. if you'd like to see me in your town, shoot me a note and tell me where i should play. always, always happy to hear from my intrepid supporters!

until we meet again, i wish you comfort and courage, love and light, and above all, 



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