christmas presence

ladies and gentlemen, the band -- CRAIG AKIN (upright bass), JAGODA (drums, percussion), ERIC LEE (mandolin, fiddle), PAUL SILVERMAN (accordion), JOE IADANZA (acoustic guitar), and CATHERINE MILES (harmony vocals) -- has left the building.  thankyouverymuch...

four tracking sessions and one edit session later, the new album is in the can.  well, actually the hard drive.  and the cloud.  but you know what i mean, right?

on the first of december, fearless producer JOE IADANZA, superhero recording engineer MARK DANN and this humble songwriter handed off twelve finished tracks to master mixologist BEN WISCH for the making of magic.  when ben completes his mysterious and beautiful part in this project in ten days or so, we'll find the right sequence for these songs and master the whole kit and caboodle back at mark dann's studio.

i can hardly believe we've arrived at this place.  i'm not sure i've ever tracked an entire album so quickly or so smoothly before, and i'm not sure i've ever sung quite so honestly in a recording studio before.  though we spent lots of time and energy planning the arrangements and the sessions, i remain astounded that everything came together in so few studio hours, and in such a wonderful way... but i suppose that's what happens when you hire exactly the right people for the work at hand, starting with an organized, talented, and patient producer like JOE IADANZA.  i am exceedingly grateful that each of these absurdly talented folks found the time and inclination to share their bounteous gifts with me and my songs.  i could not have asked for a better group of people to make this happen.  thank you, dream team.

though the runway was long, bumpy, and exhausting, the flight itself was short, intense, and exhilarating!  now, i'll need to muster the patience to stay calm through the descent and landing...

and oh, goodness.  how could i forget?  the REALLY big news is that we have, at long last, decided on a title for this midlife magnum opus:  SHIVER.  

though it took quite some time to arrive, the title seemed self-evident once it appeared.  i have written dozens and dozens of songs in my career, but i have never once used the word "shiver" in a song.  until now.  this album contains no less than FOUR songs using this word, each in a different emotional context.  crazy, right?  and self-evident.  

the photograph above was shot in the studio by the exceptional BRI DOUGHERTY.  it is not the cover.  yet...  i must keep some things mysterious, right?

i am excited.  and relieved.  and anxious.  and giddy.  and eager.  and, by the way, still accepting pre-orders at this link:

though i'm disappointed printed copies won't be ready in time for christmas, who knows?  perhaps santa solebello will leave a little digital download in your virtual stocking before the big day... 

and i also get to occupy myself with a few concerts this festive season.  i am proud to be part of COMING TOGETHER IN CONCERT FOR PUERTO RICO on december 16 in paramus NJ, and FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY OF HUNTINGTON'S HARD LUCK CAFE on december 21 in huntington NY.  click HERE for details on these and all other upcoming shows.

gratefully and festively yours,




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