spring! sort of...

Hooray, it's Spring! Well, sort of... 

Be that as it may, no matter what the weatherfolk say, I'm calling it Spring because it's April and April means I'm back out on the road again in earnest, playing SEVEN shows in the Northeast this month -- two with NO FUSS AND FEATHERS and five solo -- and I am really, really excited about it! 

I'll be playing lots of songs from my brand-new record, SHIVER, and will surely have plenty of copies on hand at every single show. Click HERE to find details on where and when I'll be in your neighborhood, and click HERE if you'd like to order a copy of SHIVER mailed directly to your door! 

Also happy to announce that I'll be partnering with HUDSON HARDING MUSIC to make SHIVER available to all your favorite folk radio hosts around the country by month's end! 

Spring is surely a hopeful time for me. Hope it is for you, too, friends. Keep on singing, and hope to see you soon! 


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