november liftoff T minus four!  Days, that is...

On Monday, November 6, I will tune my guitar, put on my favorite studio headphones, and play my Martin-picking heart out when engineer Mark Dann hits the RECORD button and Jagoda, king of drummers, drops the downbeat and lays down the groove with Craig Akin, the bass fiddler every songwriter dreams of.  If all goes as planned, we'll cut live rhythm tracks for six tunes that day, then bring Paul Silverman and Eric Lee into the studio on Tuesday to add some sweet accordion, fiddle, and mandolin lines to those songs and a few others.  The following week, producer Joe Iadanza will join me on a few two-guitar tunes and Catherine Miles will sprinkle her harmonic magic around like fairy dust.  Rehearsals have been deliciously fun and productive, and I can't wait to get started!  I may not sleep a wink until Monday... 

We plan to get all twelve songs in the can before the Tofurkey goes in the oven, then mix and master as soon as we are able.  Right now, I am confident the whole dozen will make the final cut, but really, only time will tell. 

And no, I'm not really going to call the record [ALBUM TITLE].  I am hoping the perfect title for this magnum-opus-in-waiting reveals itself soon.  Meanwhile, the pile of rejects grows higher and higher... 

While I'm not exactly thrilled about that, I am absolutely tickled that the list of folks who will receive the new record in their mailboxes (and inboxes) the very moment it's finished (way before the official radio/press release in February) also continues to grow.  If you want to get on that list, it's oh, so easy to do.  Just click this link to pre-order:  

I have musicians and engineers and photographers and designers and manufacturers and promoters to pay, so every little bit helps. 

And as if I didn't have enough to be excited about this month, I also have a handful of live performances I am really looking forward to.  Tuesday, November 14, I'll be on the bill at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn with my friend (and former bandie) Abbie Gardner as she settles into her November residency at this storied Williamsburg bar's backroom listening space.  Then the following weekend, November 17-19, I'll be back on the bus for a short tour with No Fuss and Feathers.  We'll be hitting Port Jefferson NY, Harvard MA, and Brooklyn NY.  Details for these and other upcoming concerts can be found on the SHOWS page at

Oh, and in the middle of all that, there's also the gathering of the tribe at NERFA, the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, in Stamford CT next weekend.  Holy wow.  I'd better quit typing and change my guitar strings.  See you soon, friends! 

In love and gratitude,  


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