A New Album Begins

Hello, Friends!  

I am beyond thrilled to announce that [ALBUM TITLE] is currently in production and will be ready for release [DATE BETWEEN TODAY AND JANUARY 1, 2018]! I am also thrilled to announce that my excellent friend, fleet-fingered guitarist, and expert producer JOE IADANZA is on board to help me carefully choose and lovingly craft arrangements for [NUMBER BETWEEN 10 AND 12] of the very best songs I’ve ever written. 

We’ve lined up a stellar cast of players, including [FANTASTIC BASS PLAYER], [AMAZING FIDDLER], [STELLAR MANDOLIN PLAYER], and [ROCK-SOLID PERCUSSIONIST] for recording sessions [DATE BETWEEN TODAY AND LABOR DAY] at [SUPERGROOVY NYC STUDIO] and are truly excited about the sweet sounds these fine musicians will help us create! 

[ALBUM TITLE] will surely be the finest album I’ve ever released, and may quite possibly be the best album since [YOUR VERY FAVORITE ALBUM EVER]! 

Seriously, though, I’ve got a ridiculous backlog of songs that are just aching to be heard, and am so happy Joe has agreed to wear his producer hat on this project, guiding them into the world clothed in their very best. 

Most of these tunes were vetted in their infancy by my esteemed colleagues and fellow workers-in-song at the deliciously-infamous Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange. If you know anything about our group, then you know it’s not a gathering for the faint of heart. In the spirit of our late founder, we meet weekly to share newly-drafted songs and challenge each other to be the best writers we can be, sweating the details in scathing philosophical discourse and the occasional death-defying duel with swords of dry fettuccini. If a song survives that, well, it’s got to be good, right? 

Though I’m not yet certain which tunes will make the final cut, I am confident that [ALBUM TITLE] will be a finely-wrought collection of songs shot through with common threads and woven together in a feng shui kind of way. I won’t be singing in Mandarin, of course, but since both Joe and I remain devoted to the classic album format, our goal is to create a harmonious thematic and musical whole. I am certain that [ALBUM TITLE] will be a thoroughly satisfying listening experience from top to bottom. 

Want to get your hands on [ALBUM TITLE] before anyone else does? A prepayment of $25 ensures that your signed copy – plus a spiffy hi-fidelity digital download – will be delivered to your mailbox and your inbox, respectively, just as soon as it’s ready. Pre-order funds will help me deliver [ALBUM TITLE] as quickly as possible, but your patience is much appreciated. Rest assured that you will be among the very first to hear this collection of songs, long before [ALBUM TITLE] is available for sale at shows, and even before industry copies are sent to press and radio folks.  Here's the link to pre-order:


Get in on the ground floor today, friends, and while you’re at it, tell two friends to do the same! And tell them to tell two friends, and so on, and so on… you see what I’m getting at here? 

Meanwhile, Joe and I will be hard at work selecting and crafting and polishing, searching for melodious, harmonious, and lyrical feng shui. 

Catch you on the flip side, friends. Sincerest thanks for your generosity and your continued faith in my musical explorations! 



Photo courtesy of Fred Volkert.

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