may flies

may the fourth be with you, friends!  yes, i'm geeky that way.  but hey, you knew that already, right?

no matter.  time is fleeting, and i have much to say, and much to do, and i am certain you have more important things to attend to than the ramblings of a songwriting mom, so here goes...

next month, i will be letting everyone know how to PRE-ORDER my new CD -- as yet unnamed and in progress, of course -- but more on that later.  i am simply VERY EXCITED that the pieces are beginning to fall into place, and glad to tell you i'll be launching a spiffy little independent campaign to help get the music into the hands of those who know me best before ANYONE else hears it.  i surely love my deejay friends, but it's important to me that music lovers who have walked beside me on this path lo, these many years should hear the new album FIRST.  and you will... i just have to put a few things in order before i say anything else... 

meanwhile, there are LIVE SHOWS happening, which is the part of my job i love best!  here's where you can catch me and my songs live and in person these next few weeks:

Saturday, May 6:  Emmaus Road Cafe, Lancaster PA
Thursday, May 18 - Saturday, May 20:  SERFA Conference, Montreat NC
Sunday, June 4:  Hobbit Hill House Concerts, Ottsville PA
Saturday, June 17:  Harmony House Concerts, Yarmouth Port MA

i'd sure love to see you if one of these events is in your neck of the woods.  if you're not, well, then i'd love it if you'd tell a friend to come visit me...  click HERE for details on these and even more upcoming shows. 

and of course, you could always complete your collection of solebello tunes HERE.

deepest thanks for your continued support on this journey.  wishing you continued joy in music and the fragrant delights of may!


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